Meet The Top 18 Naturally Swimmer Dogs.

Many dog breeds including Poodles and Newfoundland love swimming and go best in water. Learn more about 18 water-loving dogs plus some sapup.fety tips for your 

1- American Water Spaniel

This breed is famous as a versatile companion for water and land due to its hunting instincts and love for retrieving. This little pooch is a state dog of Wisconsin.

2- Barbet

Although Barbet is a U.S.A rare dog breed it gained popularity in French in the 16th century when Henry 4 hunted waterfowl with his Barbet.

3- Boykin Spaniel

Originating from Carolina, this breed specifically developed to work in swamps and lakes of South America for hunting waterfowl and wild turkeys.

If you love to live in water or are a diver, you will find one of the best swimming dogs from this list that perfectly matches you.