18 Dog Breeds That Famous for Swimming.

Many dog breeds including Poodles and Newfoundland love swimming and go best in water. Learn more about 18 water-loving dogs plus some safety tips for your pup.

Overview of Water-Loving Dog Breeds

There has been a cherished deep bond between the dog and their owners for centuries. Some dogs were developed for accompanying boats, while other dogs were developed for helping in hunting. These dog breeds inherited unique characteristics and traits that’s why these breeds are natural swimmers. For example, their thick water-repellent coats and muscular athletic builds with webbed toes make them good swimmers.

If you love to live in water or are a diver, you will find one of the best swimming dogs from this list that perfectly matches you. Because of their water-loving nature, they love to splash around people as they can remain in the water for a long time. While water activities are immensely enjoyable both for dogs and owners, safety should be the priority. Understanding the safety measures can make swimming more fun.

Meet The Top 18 Naturally Swimmer Dogs

1- American Water Spaniel

This breed is famous as a versatile companion for water and land due to its hunting instincts and love for retrieving. This little pooch is a state dog of Wisconsin. American Water Spaniels have curly coats that are water-repellent. Therefore, these dogs are best for working in marshy lakes and also for icy areas. This pretty dog is suitable for families who love eagerness and energy.

2- Barbet

Although Barbet is a U.S.A rare dog breed it gained popularity in French in the 16th century when Henry 4 hunted waterfowl with his Barbet. These dogs are generally outgoing, energetic, friendly, and a swimming lover. Primarily Babet with its dense curly coat used for various water tasks such as hunting waterfowl or assisting the fishermen. They are also called “Mud Dogs” because these dogs not only swim in water but also work in muddy tracks of swampy lands.

3- Boykin Spaniel

Originating from Carolina, this breed specifically developed to work in swamps and lakes of South America for hunting waterfowl and wild turkeys. Their webbed feet, compact athletic muscular build, and a knee sense of smell excel them in swimming. The Boykin Spaniel was rewarded for their prowess in waterfowl hunting. Take this dog for your next water adventure, you always find this breed ready for swimming. This lovely, trainable, and eager breed is most famous among active families.

4- Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Torben from Pixabay

The breed’s name shows its relation to the Chesapeake Bay region and the state dog of Maryland. Initially bred for hunting waterfowl and swimming in challenging conditions. Due to their water-resistant oily coat and webbed feet, they can go well in water and icy areas of the mid-Atlantic region. The popularity of this breed is due to their ruggedness and endurance. Among Retrievers, this breed is the first that officially registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

5- Curly-Coated Retriever

Extremely smart, loyal, and intelligent Curly-Coated Retriever is characterized because of the tight curly coat that helps them in swimming. This oldest retriever breed is famous among hunters as they are natural retrievers even in the iciest water. This breed has an affinity for water and, therefore, paddles in the lake for several hours. These dogs are affectionate and kind to the children, so the best choice for families with children.

6- English Setter

michellegraber from Pixabay

Although primarily known as a bird dog Who particularly loves to splash water in pools and lakes. With its elegant appearance and graceful swimming style, this breed recently gained fame as a flushing-out game bird. The sweet and well-mannered English Setter dog is also energetic, and athletic and gladly joins its owners for long summer swimming. With proper training and encouragement, these dogs love to swim due to their affinity for water.

7- Flat-Coated Retriever

123090 from Pixabay

This breed with its beautiful appearance and boundless energy originally bred for hunting waterfowl and retrieving in water. With their functional coat, these dogs are joyful companions not only on land but also in water. Due to their love for retrieving these dogs can thrive in water-based activities such as dock diving and waterfowl hunting. This breed is energetic, water-loving, and ever-green family members for those families with high energy levels.

8- Irish Water Spaniel

The intelligent, clownish, largest, and oldest Irish Water Spaniel bred for hunting the waterfowl. Irish Water Spaniels resemble Poodle due to their curly coat that is naturally water-repellent. Furthermore, this breed has a skinny rat-like tail and loves swimming. Due to their water-loving nature, they excel in various water activities such as dock jumping and retrieving. These dogs are especially known as gundogs for hunting waterfowl.

9- Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is one of the famous dog breeds in America and also one of the most beloved water dogs. These are excellent family dogs designed to hunt waterfowl even in difficult situations. These dogs are happy in the water and also with their family or people. They can swim easily in water with their outer-like tail, webbed feet, thick coat, and muscular body. This breed is a natural swimmer and enjoys activities such as swimming, retrieving especially retrieved toys, and dock diving.

10- Lagotto Romagnolo

Cemmerton from Pixabay

Originating from Italy, Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are prized for hunting especially truffles. With a keen sense of smell and, a dense curly coat, this breed is specifically organized as a truffle searcher. Today, the Lagotto dog still loves to swim and is used for various activities such as retrieving and working in marshlands. Moreover, this breed is an excellent swimmer because these dogs still possess the water dog qualities.

11- Newfoundland

One of the massive dog breeds is Newfoundland which has a gentle demeanor with lifesaving abilities in water. Due to having large lung capacity this breed is historically used as a water rescue dog. Because of their lifesaving instincts, these dogs can bring victims safely from a large distance. Their partially webbed feet and thick resistance coat help them thrive in the icy water of Canada.

12- Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Karsten Madsen from Pixabay

Although this breed is the smallest retriever breed prized for its agility and energy. This breed was developed for retrieving ducks, waterfowl, and wounded birds within gun range. The attractive, intelligent, and outgoing Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever has a water-repellent coat and therefore serves well in water during retrieving. When they go near water they express their excitement by emitting a high-pitched sound.

13- Otterhound

Affectionate, large-sized, otterhound specifically bred for hunting the otters especially when they leave the area by their scent. With webbed feet, double thick rough coat, knee sense of smell, and exceptional qualities they are ideal water swimmers. This breed is also used for water-tracking activities.

14- Portuguese Water Dog

susan lipschutz from Pixabay

As their name shows this breed originated from Portugal and is prized for their webbed feet and water-resistant coat. Furthermore, these dogs are best for fishermen as they are used to retrieve broken nets and lost equipment and also used to herd fish in nets. They need exercise if it takes place in water they feel happy. Because of their curly coat, they don’t shed but regular brushing is required.

15- Spanish Water Dog

This breed is ancient breed famous due to its rustic appearance and athletic build up, one of the happiest dog breeds when assigned work to do especially bred for hunting and herding both on land and in water. This breed is an expert swimmer.

16- Standard Poodle

No-longer-here from Pixabay

With its elegant appearance, athletic build-up, and intelligence, This breed is well-suited for water-based activities. Despite their beautiful look this breed just looks like a model who walks on the ramp. The fluffy cotton balls on their knees, feet, head, body, and tail not only just give them a fashion design look but also keep these areas warm. Poodles love swimming and this breed was used to retrieve waterfowl in Europe.

17- Schipperke

Anna Dudkova on Unsplash

Despite their small size, Schipperke is a bold and energetic breed with a keen sense of adventure and fearless demeanor. Due to having a love for water this agile breed can explore water bodies of all sizes and loves to splash in puddles, originally developed in Belgium and primarily used as a watchdog on ships.

18- Irish Setter

Gary Sandoz on Unsplash

Irish Settlers were initially developed for retrieving and hunting waterfowl as they could swim in water for a long time due to their large limbs that help in floating. Their glossy coat is water-repellent and insulates their body. This breed is also known as gundog with a distinctive chestnut-red coat and friendly deposition.

Safety Tips for Swimming With Dog

Before introducing your dog to water activities, assess their comfort level in water. Start with shallow water and gradually progress to deeper water as your dog becomes more confident. Praise them or give them treats to encourage them to go to the water, don’t force them if they don’t want to go in water. After Swimming Clean their ears especially if they are prone to an ear infection, clean their ears gently with a soft towel.

By following these tips you can ensure the security of your dog and make the swimming more enjoyable both for you and your dog. Hopefully, you find it informative and helpful you can subscribe to our website for more informative articles and also review this post if you like it.

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