Best Hypoallergenic Dogs That Don’t Shed

Find out the best hypoallergenic dogs for persons who suffer from allergies. This awesome and new furry someone may be yours only if you visit us!

If you suffer from allergies, it’s important that you get a non-shedding dog to avoid sneezing and a runny nose. The perfect solution is to have hypoallergenic dogs, which are low-shedding breeds. They produce fewer allergens that may cause a reaction in people who have allergies. Get the best hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed here and be sure to get one that fits in your house perfectly.

What are hypoallergenic dogs?

Hypoallergenic dogs have fewer chances of causing allergenic reactions. Remember that all dogs cannot be completely hypoallergenic. However, certain breeds produce fewer allergens than others. These allergens are normally contain in a dog’s dander, saliva, and urine. Hypoallergenic dogs are often non-shedding, which means they release fewer allergens into the environment.

What Dogs are Hypoallergenic?


Poodles usually appear in three sizes either standard or miniature. They are also famous for their intelligence and curly fur, hence considered as one of the best for people with allergies who can tolerate pets. These dogs hardly lose hair all over the house or leave dandruff behind when they scratch themselves.

Therefore reducing the chances of sneezing attacks or skin rashes occurring due to this kind of reaction by someone allergic. They must be kept clean through regular washing so that they do not have any traces of allergic materials sticking to them. Despite everything, poodles remain man’s best friend because they patiently learn how to obey their masters.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog has a curly or wavy coat that is non-shedding and is medium-sized. They are lively, clever, and excellent swimmers. Regular brushing is vital for them to remain allergy-free while keeping their coat in good condition. Their playfulness makes them good friends to people who engage in active sports. Besides the fact that Portuguese water dogs were used by fishermen to retrieve fish and tools, it is a breed that is popularly known for its nature as workers.

Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten Terrier has soft, wavy hair that looks like silk and is an affectionate and cheerful dog. It is always playful and energetic, therefore good for kids who love having fun all the time. This dog breed makes loyal friends within households, showing lots of love in most cases. Wheaten Terriers have pretty admirable personalities which make them charming pets that can make people happy so easily because of their active nature with lots of excitement. They possess a sense of intelligence and learn very fast, making it one of the easiest dog breeds to train. Its beautiful fur plus the warmth of its fore-end make up for everything else.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is an adorable canine having a small body. It has a smooth glossy body and looks quite elegant. They are friendly and usually develop a strong bond with their owner. This breed has a fine silky coat of various colors which looks fine on them while they have very beautiful eyes, being very noticeable at close range. Management indicates that these pets like playing hence require some training for control, especially on behaving. They are wise but also respond to physical or emotional experiences positively, hence making them lovable beings.

Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers have thin, silk-textured hair, although they shed very little. They are small, energetic, and excellent pets for owners with limited space. Grooming should be done frequently, and the fur trimmed so that it remains in good shape, as well as minimizing allergens in the environment. They are known for being bold and loving in character. Similarly, they are tiny dogs but very aggressive; they can even imagine that they are as big as other larger animals, hence making them very brave and courageous.


A Maltese is a small breed, but it has a white coat that does not shed at all. They are friendly and playfully find themselves among people in general. It is important to groom them well so that their hair may still look nice. In comparison to other breeds, the Maltese dog fits very well into families with elder kids as well as singles who need a faithful friend with them always. Due to the fact that they are always kept in one’s lap, they have become such pampered pets that anyone who loves having friendly relationships with their animals would appreciate owning one.

Shih Tzu

Dogs of the Shih Tzu breed sport a lengthy, smooth coat that hardly sheds. It would be hard to believe, but despite a glamorous surface, these furry friends are strong and reliable companions. It is important to groom them frequently to maintain their hair in a tangle-free state and reduce the accumulation of allergens. People often keep them as pets because of their amiable character. On top of that, they are okay with life in small rooms or large houses, given the sufficient care and love they should be given.


Havanese dogs possess a silky, long coat that doesn’t shed much. They are friendly playmates and excellent friends to humans. To avoid mats as well as allergens, regular grooming is essential for these pets. Good family pets for children as well as other animals are what has made them popular among families. Havanese dogs’ qualities make them able to coexist in different places; they perform better than other breeds during obedience training or other types of activities like sports meant for dogs due to this flexibility.

Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear, commonly described as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar”, is acknowledged for its fluffy woolly coat that resembles cotton. They are joyful, loving pets who always make themselves available to their human owners. Their eyes are always shining, and their funny behavior makes one so interested in playing with them, yet they can be accommodated in any household because of their mildness. Whether playing around the house or fetching balls in the park, you can never get tired of spending time with them.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a small dog with an expressive face and a lively nature, which means he does not back down from any situation. This dog breed is known for almost resembling a human being and possesses a unique beard; in other words, it has the ability to exchange love, hence everyone’s darling dog. Brussels Griffons are playful and adorable, capturing the heart by jumping around or cuddling up in warmth.

Hypoallergenic Medium Dog Breeds


The schnauzers are small, average, and oversized miniatures. They do not have a lot of hair, making them suitable for those people who suffer from allergies. They have to trim and groom their fur to look good, as well as to cut down on allergens.

These dogs are smart, active, and faithful to their owners; hence, they are especially suitable for families with children. Schnauzers usually have thick hair that grows on their face like a moustache or beard, which makes them unique in terms of looks. However, because of this, they are usually very alert and will always react quickly to anything, which makes them good guardians too.

Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is the perfect pet for anyone who likes dogs and truffles. Originating in Italy, this old breed has a coat that is from allergen-free breeds, hence it is fit for allergic families. Lagottos are very smart dogs which learn quickly, hence they do well under both obedience and agility lessons because they adapt more easily than other breeds. Besides these two activities, they are involved in many areas such as drug detection and guarding duties.

Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel has reputation for its catchy curly hair and intelligent nature, that sweeps dog lovers. With water-repellent hair and the trademark ‘rat tail’, the breed stands out remarkably not just in looks but also when it comes to being a working and companion dog due to versatility in the two areas (exceptional memory). This is a breed that originally existed for retrieving game from water sources in Ireland but has survived well in active environments and has an all-rounded capability.

Hypoallergenic large dog breeds


Not only a pretty breed, the Samoyed is a warm and friendly companion. These dogs originate from Siberia, bred by the wandering Samoyede people to herd and pull sleds in arctic conditions which are extremely hard. It is said that Samoyeds are sociable and affectionate, and that is why they are best suited as family pets in which they provide love without a limit. Nevertheless, their thick coat makes them both adorable and charming.

Standard Poodle

Among the dog breeds, the model of elegance is the Standard Poodle with advanced postures and an intelligent look. This dog breed is famous for its correct movement and high speed of thinking. The Standard Poodle has a royal attitude and beautiful curls that look like silk ribbons falling down it – this gives it an complicated look . Although it maintains its dignified appearance, it is also very playful and remains constant in loyalty.

Irish Wolfhound

Standing as an impressive symbol of both beauty and strength are the majestic Irish Wolfhounds that, with their appearance and gentle temperament, captivate human souls. Originating way back in ancient Ireland, these breeds have always been considered giants due to their large sizes. Their remarkable appearance makes people feel both terrified and fascinated at the same time.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is famous for its elegant shape and smooth, glossy fur that makes it an icon of royal attraction. The breed originated from the harsh mountains of Afghanistan hence it is an ancient dog popular for its exceptional speed and skills. Afghan Hounds have majestic looks.

Choose the Right Hypoallergenic Dog

Before you choose a hypoallergenic dog you have to know how your life is, look at where you live, and try and know its temperament. Different breeds require differing levels of activity and cleanliness. You should interact with the dogs early enough to be able to make good decisions based on the prevailing factors. These factors may include the dog’s energy levels or its ability to interact well within your family while maintaining a certain level of orderliness.

How do I care for a non-shedding dog?

Good grooming is very important for dogs that do not cause allergies in order to reduce the allergens. Here are some helpful hints on how to keep your hypoallergenic dog neat and healthy:

Frequent Bathing: Reduce dander and allergens by washing your dog using a mild shampoo intended for sensitive dogs often. You must rinse him/her thoroughly after this, though.

Brush Regularly: A couple of times every week should do just fine-brush much less hair will come off since there are no tangles unlike when matting occurs With appropriate tools like brushes or combs made specifically for the hair type they should.

It is possible to support good hygiene using basic dog grooming and taking care of your dog on a regular basis, hence reducing the amount of allergens which may be found at home. Allergy sufferers, on the other hand, can now keep their very own animals.

Hypoallergenic Dogs: Fact or Fiction?

Researchers who study allergens have determined that individual dogs exhibit varying amounts of allergens; however, differing breeds may not have different levels. In this case, it is not about the dog breed at all, it is about this particular animal. According to the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy, the concentration of dog allergens in homes is not reliant on their breed. Families with “hypoallergenic” dogs have the same amount of allergens as those who have non-hypoallergenic dogs. Both kinds of dogs contain the most common dog allergen, Canis familiaris 1 (Can f 1)


Individuals with allergies appreciate hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed. Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs are breeds that are considered hypoallergenic and are considerate to humans. The shared trait among these breeds is that they do not release allergens into the atmosphere when compared to other breeds. Grooming and general dog care can help maintain hygiene and reduce allergens at home.

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