How to Train a Golden Retriever Dog.

Golden Retrievers are large, energetic, loving, and generally respond well to training. Here you will find a complete guide on how to train a Golden Retriever.

Unique Training Methods for Golden Retrievers

Because of their cuteness and beautiful appearance, Golden Retrievers are the most lovely dogs in the canine world. Whenever you take these beautiful dogs to public places, Golden Retrievers attract people as they are people-oriented dogs. These are large dogs with high energy levels. However, like any dog, these dogs also need proper training so that, they become well-mannered dogs. The main reason for their popularity is easily trainability because they are as eager to please as beavers, especially when you give them yummy treats during training. Always choose healthy treats while teaching them how to sit, stay, come, crate, and do potty training.

Here you will find all the essential details for training Golden Retrievers from early training to socializing with other pets.

Make Dog Training Easy and Enjoyable

Firstly, make the training sessions short and enjoyable as it can help you to train a Golden Retriever dog easily. Continue the process smoothly by incorporating games, treats, and praise as food and games motivate the Golden Retrievers for training. If your dog ignores your cues then re-engage them by stopping the session and starting more excitingly and playfully. Furthermore, use healthy training treats such as Dogsee, chews puppy treats to reward them, and praise them for following the instructions.

Keeping the commands and cues simple helps these dogs understand what to expect from them and they learn quickly. Also, use a simple happy tone instead of many, and don’t shout during training sessions remain calm and polite.

Start Training Early Using Different Tools

Start training when you bring a dog home, in this way, you find the desired skills in your dog and also prevent undesired habits from developing. During early training, use different training tools and techniques and find the best one that is suitable for your Golden Retriever dog. For early training, the clicker is very important so as a dog trainer you can use clickers to teach them various skills. Remember clicker doesn’t work without treats, therefore, keep the clicker in one hand and the treat in the other hand.

Keep Training Age and Skill-Appropriate

Before starting to train Golden Retriever puppies, always keep in mind their age, personality, and energy level. You can’t expect toddlers to perform algebra that’s why make sure your expectations should be reasonable for your dog. Puppies, for example, require short time training sessions of almost 3-5 minutes each due to their underdeveloped bodies and brain. Adult dogs who are new to your house may not be ready for advanced training because they are still adjusting to new surroundings and people.

Regarding to age-appropriate we recommend the following training:

Potty Training:

Begin Potty training as soon as you bring the puppy home. Take the puppy outside and go to the potty several times a day, especially, after eating food or drinking water. Always take your your puppy for potty to the same place either it may be backyard or another area. The most important point you need to know is that puppies can’t hold their bladders for a long time, so be attentive until they get it.


Initially make your dogs socialized by taking them to various places, and environments and introducing them to other animals so that they become confident and don’t frustrated during many situations. However, don’t take your dogs the dog parks, Dog beaches, and other areas where other dogs may be unvaccinated or aggressive.

Crate Training:

Crate training is the most essential part of dog training if you want privacy in your home then provide your puppy a separate space or room if can’t afford this you will just buy a readymade dog crate. Teach your dog that the crate is safe for them, they have to sleep and relax in their crate. Therefore, introduce a crate for Golden Retriever dogs to sleep their and feel comfortable.

Obedience Training:

Besides the above training, obedience training is essential for easily visiting the vet, parks, and other surrounding situations. Therefore, start the obedience training especially, in eight weeks age because at this age puppies learn quickly and also train somewhat easily.

Set a Regular Schedule to Train a Golden Retriever

Without regular practice no one becomes a master in their skills, similarly by daily exercise and training you can make your dog master various skills. Including training during daily activities, your dog learns better and this will remain in their mind. Whenever you give dog food you can practice the various commands such as sit, stay, etc. During the walk towards your dog to pick up the leash call their name, When they walk behind you order them to sit, and after giving them food command them to stay. In this way, you practice commands many times in daily situations just as an adventure.

Regular Exercise

Golden Retriever dogs are active and playful regular exercise and engaging them in games help them to stay happy and healthy. Regular exercise also helps prevent behavioral issues such as boredom or pent-up energy. It is equally important to exercise your puppy before training and give them opportunities to run and explore in this way you motivate your dog for training. Follow a daily exercise routine, especially after waking up for a morning walk, eating, and before bed.

Use Treats or Rewards to Train a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are highly motivated by delicious treats, dog toys, and games by positive reinforcement you can teach them what you want. Due to their love for treats, trigger them for training by rewarding your puppy with training treats and dog toys. Teach your puppy consistently with patience because training is a lifetime process.

Assert Leadership

Photo by Blue Bird

Establishing leadership is equally important during training any dog or puppy. Dogs respond well to confident and assertive leadership, so be consistence in setting rules and boundaries while remaining compassionate. Therefore, first of all, develop a strong relationship with your dog then become then establish yourself as a leader in a relationship with golden retrievers.

Whole Family Take Part in Training

Make sure that your Golden retriever has positive relations with all family members also attached to other pets. Encourage the family members to take part in basic training sessions such as, sit, stay, and come. It just looks like fun and everyone enjoys it along with your Golden Retriever. Also, help other pets to feel safe around Golden Retriever.

Make Dog Training Clear and Safe

Whenever you start dog training be sure the clues and commands are clear and that your dog understands easily. For this purpose, clickers are very effective and are used worldwide to train all types of species. This method is a sound tracker for a specific behavior, using dog clickers helps to know dogs it’s a reward-based training and they learn quickly.

Before starting training remove all distractions and hazards where you train your dog. In this way, you can easily train a dog without any distractions that prevent your dog from learning. Furthermore, select a peaceful and calm place like a large room or backyard because noisy dog parks or busy roads can distract your dog’s attention.

Aim to Achieve These Goals

  • Respond to Name: For effective communication train your dog to respond fast when calling their name. When they learn to respond to names you can speed up the training process.
  • Come When Called: Teach your dogs to come when call their name, it can be helpful to keep your dogs safe and under control, especially when you take them outside without a leash.
  • Play Fetch: Golden Retriever dogs are natural retrievers they love to fetch so make it fun and rewarding games for them to play.
  • Manage Alone Time: Make your dog independent and prevent separation anxiety by keeping them alone for short periods. Teach them how to feel comfortable remaining alone.

Train a Golden Retriever Throughout Life

Remember that training is an ongoing process that requires dedication and commitment. Furthermore, as time passes there are new skills to teach your Golden Retriever throughout their life. Dog training also provides excellent brain stimulation which helps your dog to use their high energy level.


Consequently training a Golden Retriever requires consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. Whether you begin with a new puppy, an adult dog, or a senior dog these tips and techniques will help your dog how to behave in their new home. It also strengthens the bond between you and your dog and provides mental stimulation to use their energy. If you want to know more about dog training then you will find everything here an interesting guide to dog training.

What should I do if my Golden Retriever is not responding to training?

If your dog ignores your cues then re-engage them by stopping the session and starting more excitingly and playfully. Furthermore, use healthy training treats such as Dogsee, chews puppy treats to reward them, and praise them for following the instructions.

Do Golden Retrievers have hair?

Yes, Golden Retrievers have hair as their name shows they have golden or yellow hair in many shades. They have an outer water-resistant wavy or straight coat while the inner layer is thick and dense. They have feathery hair typically on their chest, thighs, and back.

Do Golden Retrievers overheat?

Yes, Golden Retrievers overheat due to their double coat which insulates heat and prevents heat loss during heatwaves safe them with thermal jackets which reduce the risks of heatstroke in Golden Retrievers.

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